Winter Wonderland

a recreational class showcase




Showcase Information


The showcase will be held at the gym. The gym is decorated and equipment is moved to make room for spectators.

Invited Classes

There are just a few exceptions to who is able to participate, these include students in Tumbling only classes & Parent & Tot. If your child is in either of these classes and wants to participate add a participating class to their schedule asap. All other classes are invited to participate.


Invite friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc.! Who wouldn't want to see how hard your gymnast or cheerleader has been working!
Admission can be pre-paid or at the door.
$8 Pre-Paid or Cash at the door
$10 Credit Card at the door

Show Format

Each student will be placed into a group of children from the same class type. The day will begin with a short warm up upon arrival. Each group will then proceed to their starting event and showcase the routines they have learned one at a time (with all events performing at once). This format is similar to a Fun Meet which is the entry level competition for our Developmental team.

Show Routines

Each class type will be working on routines in class from now until the show. Coaches will be close by to assist them during the event. If your child would like extra help most coaches offer private lessons.

Show Uniform

All show entries will include a performance uniform. A leotard for girls and an Extreme T-shirt and shorts for boys.

Team Demonstrations

As an added bonus our gymnastics teams will be performing routines on event apparatus as well as several dance/acrobatic routines throughout the show.

Showcase Entry Fee

Per student
$ 80
  • Show Uniform
  • Performance Certificate
  • Award Medal
BY nov. 16th