Students will begin each program in a recreational class.  As each child increases strength and develops skills they will be promoted to the next level of classes, either intermediate or advanced. Advanced recreational classes will increase training time to allow extra time to work on perfecting technique along with more difficult skills or stunts. Upon obtaining the necessary strength and skills students are invited to become a part or our competitive teams.
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An interactive “learn and play” that allows the parent and their toddler (15 months to 3 years) to interact and explore safe ways to help their child in learning basic behavioral fundamentals along with developmental gymnastics skills.

Preschool Boys gymnatsics

45-60 minute classes that are designed for 3-6 year old boys. Students will be introduced to men's gymnastic equipment and will continue to learn gymnastics basics while building their coordination, agility, strength and most importantly, their confidence!

Preschool Girls Gymnastics

Girls ages 3-5 will enjoy these 45-60 minute classes designed to introduce them to the basics of gymnastics using a fun obstacle course that consists of smaller versions of women's gymnastics apparatus. The Twinkle Toes class also incorporates movement to music for those that love to dance.

Boys Gymnastics

This 90 minute class is designed for boys ages 7 and up. Students will work on basic to intermediate gymnastics skills on the men’s gymnastics apparatus including parallel bars, high bar, floor, vault, pommel horse, trampoline & tumbling. Upon completion of Rockets the boys may be invited to join our Boys Preteam.

girls gymnastics

These 60-90 minute classes offer an introduction to gymnastics. Students will learn the fundamentals on all Olympic apparatus as well as trampoline & foam pit. Focus will be on the 4 events of gymnastics, Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam & Floor. Beginner, intermediate, advanced and pre-competitive classes offered.


This class is designed to teach fundamental skills in tumbling including forward and backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, bridge kick-overs, backbends and more! Intermediate and advanced classes offer for those who master the basics of beginning. Tumbling is a co-ed class for ages 6 and up.

just bounce!

Trampoline is possibly the hardest best form of fitness and oh so much fun!! This class will be 15 minutes of warm up and flexibility followed by 30 full minutes of trampoline work including bounce technique, learning specific jumps with proper form and progressing into the basics of flipping...from front & back handsprings to tucks. Students will also cover trampoline safety that they can bring home to lessen injuries on your backyard trampoline. Boys and girls ages 6 and up.