November Gymnasts of the Month

Madison H. -Advanced Tumbling & Gymnastics

Madison began in our tumbling program and has progressed all the way to our Advanced Tumbling Class. She also recently decided to add in gymnastics classes and tested right out of Girls 1 and straight into Girls 2. She says her favorite event is floor. Some of her most recent accomplishments have been getting her Round-Off Backhandspring on floor, her Handstand-Flat Back on Vault, and meeting all of her strength requirements for Uneven Bars such as chin holds and pike hangs.

Ava G. -Xcel Bronze

Ava is 9 years old and has been doing gymnastics for two years.
We interviewed Ava and here is what she shared.

What is your favorite thing about gymnastics?
Bars, cause you get to do flip and tricks.

Why do you like gymnastics?
Because it makes you strong.

Why did you start gymnastics?
I saw people at school doing gymnastics, cartwheel and stuff, and I couldn't wait to do that so I asked my mom if I could sign up!!

Makenzy H. -JO White Team


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