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50 Minute Classes
Parent & Tot, Twinkle Toes, Twinklers, Sparklers & Firecrackers

  • 4 Classes Per Month (1x per week recommended)

75 Minute Classes
Girls Gymnastics 1 & 2, Rockets, Tumbling (all levels), Sunbeams, Cheer 101

105 Minute Classes
Girls Gymnastics 3 (Invite Only)

120 Minute Classes
Shining Stars (Invite Only)

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Create your Extreme MindBody account in your child’s name, entering parent info as emergency contact.  If you have multiple children add as family members.  Each will need a different email address to access schedules.  To access the additional account simply enter the student’s email into the log on page and click “need new password” for each child needing an account.